I think of my life in phases. That just means I am fortunate to have had lots of experiences and choices. The one I am in right now if 180 degrees from where I was when I launched into adulthood. Probably more on that later.

So this phase is the most free one I have ever had–and the most scary, in a way. I am married to John, my rock and the most frustrating man in my universe. We have no children at home and worry constantly about them anyway even though they are doing great. We live just outside the small town of Mantorville–hence, Musings from Mantorville–and are immersed in the doings of the town and all its small town histrionics.

Me. Well. I can do and do lots of things. I love good food and cooking. I like to have a comfortable easy home. I have a studio for my arts and crafts in Mantorville. My favorite hobbies are creating and wearing late 19 century costumes and hats, hats, hats. I used to be really organized–but this phase is a bit messier. And the guilt isn’t as intense as it would have been a few years ago. But I am tlooking to reinstate that into the next phase. Who knows what that will be?

I now drive an older convertible since I no longer need a practical car. I just adopted a tiny pooch, Gypsy, who feels the need to sit on me ALL DAY. Since I don’t sit down for long periods of time, ever, this will have to change.


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