I’m BACK!!!

Sheesh! Where does the time go! Alright. I am back. I mean, I haven’t been anywhere but I haven’t been blogging either. I have lots to blog about–but just have not.

Where do I start? Okay. Today.

After not being on the Mantorville Opera House stage for a lot of years, I am in the cast of the holiday show that opens tomorrow. Yikes. The Nutcracker’s Nuts. WHY! The story is a good one and I knew the director, Cheryl Frarck, would do it right. So. It is about a group of seniors who live in a retirement community and always put on A Christmas Carol every year as a fund raiser. But it has been going down hill for a few years. One of the residents suggests they consider doing The Nutcracker. It is only after all the tickets are sold out that they find out The Nutcracker is a ballet–and they don’t dance. Suffice it to say, it is very funny. Tonight is the final dress rehearsal with friends and family attending. 14947635_10157672473335526_4164621454473121638_n   This is the cast. I am second from the left. Rounding out the group:  Mike Tri, Mary McPhee, Annette Schuler, Becky Berg Miller, and John McDougal. I am the only one from Mantorville and all of them have tons of acting experience. I am holding my own (I hope).

In addition to rehearsals every night for the past few weeks, we are doing some home improvements. Namely, we are putting a fireplace in the living room–which is still my studio. What a mess. But it will be beautiful when it is done and the new carpet put in and the new drapes hung. AND CLEANED. I promise to post photos of the after. “In progress” is just too depressing. The toughest part is that it is in the middle of the room in the middle of the house. And I just cannot get away from it. John sticks to the family room and the big screen TV. But I still have to work in there, sort of. I forgot to take photos of the Nutcracker costume I conjured up for the show this week. It really turned out cute.

Now that I am back. I know I have tons of things to write about. Stay tuned.


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