Csotuming Comes Home–sort of…

If you know me, then you know I am pretty involved in my community. But more on that another day. I have had a studio in Mantorville for quite a few years. It became a place for me to work on my period costuming and hats.  I stored most of my costumes there. Being that it was right next door to the Opera House, it was fun and dynamic and right in the center of it all. Image

This is me on the street outside the studio with Gypsy in the Civil War costume I wore for Sandra Miller’s “A Mother’s Story” where I played the Southern Mother during the Wasioja Civil War event last summer. (And, yes, I worked with a voice coach for the accent) Gypsy was not in the play. John is taking the photo. He is reflected in the window. It was too hot that day for him to wear a coat.

Well, to make a long story short–the owner of the building sold it during the coldest part of the new year and I had to move several years of stuff back to the house. ImageThis would be what the main floor living room looks like today. And this would be the downstairs bedroom.ImageThen there is the garage and the downstairs living room.


To top it off, I opened my big mouth and offered to create a exhibit of my handmade/designed hats at the Mantorville Art Guild for the month of April–JUST BEFORE I KNEW I WOULD HAVE TO MOVE! Oh, and that’s not all. There is a costumed artist’s reception on Saturday, April 12th! That I need to organize.

Now I am so paralyzed by the mess and not being able to find stuff, I am having anxiety. Again, if you know me, you know this about me: “Laid back” will not be on my tombstone–but I am not prone to anxiety or paralysis. Last week, I did send out a press release and promoted it at our local business expo on Saturday. So I am committed.

I am taking a deep breath and charging in. It needs to be set up at the Art Guild on Friday. Or at least started. What am I carping about? It’ll come together. It always does. Or it doesn’t and this too shall pass. Stay tuned…



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