Victorian hats and chicken stir fry

Our driveways have turned from ice skating rinks to ice skating rinks covered in snow. Must walk like a penguin. Lovely visual, huh?

I did it!  I signed up for the University of MN Tourism class for festival and event management certification. More to follow on that one. It starts in a couple of weeks. Between that and joining in the Southern MN Tourism Association events, we should have lots of new ideas.

I made a chicken stir fry last night. My tip is to use fresh ginger and garlic. And toast the sesame seeds. These change a simple stir fry into a fabulous one.

I have three different hats in different phases of doneness going. Two Civil War bonnets and one black velvet victorian. The bonnets are so time consuming. One is a lovely blue/green and cream silk. I found some gorgeous trim in a bin at SR Harris. But I need to go flower shopping for flowers. The other one is for Laura Ulak and will be navy and silver stripe silk. I am having a tough time finding silver fur for the trim and muff.

It is so hard to get going in this horrid cold weather. But once getting down to my studio in Mantorville, I can get lost in my projects for hours–especially if MPR has some interesting articles on the radio. (That’s MN Public Radio News) MPR can become an addiction. In the summer, I have people stopping in there all the time. Not so much when it is -10.

When I finish my hats I will post the photos. Honest! My camera has a brand new battery–to the tune of $39.99 for one stupid battery. But it now works.


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